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Amsterdam Cannabis Apartments and Coffee Shops Accommodation

The coffee shops of Amsterdam that serve marijuana and various other cannabis products, such as the notorious space cake, have gained an almost legendary status among tourists.

Whether you are a connoisseur coming to the city to sample the strains or simply a curious tourist who wishes to try out something a little bit more exotic, finding your way around local coffee shops and making sure you observe the rules of this culture is essential to a trouble-free and pleasant experience. Also, you might want to consider the benefits of renting a cannabis-friendly vacation apartment during your stay, especially if you plan on bringing treats to your place.

Amsterdam has plenty of cafes serving drinks and food, so the only places which specialize in cannabis products are actually called coffee shops (written as one word in Dutch, i.e. coffeeshops) to distinguish them from ordinary cafes. There are several hundred coffee shops throughout the city, however, the majority are huddled in the historic center of the city that is the scenic canal ring and there is quite a high concentration within the red light district. Coffee shops, unlike cafes, specialize exclusively in the serving of marijuana products.


While the city is world-famous for its relaxed laws regarding recreational drugs, yet the city is anything but a hippie community of pot smokers. Cannabis consumption is legal only within certain limits and only when practiced on the premises of a licensed coffee shop. Smoking marijuana in public outside of a coffee shop is illegal while roaming the streets when high is frowned upon. You will most likely not see people doing this in public and for your own health and safety, it is better to avoid doing this. Some bars and pubs allow smoking weed but you should always ask first.

So, how can you light up in Amsterdam outside of a coffee shop without compromising your safety or breaking the law? The ideal solution is to stay in cannabis-friendly accommodation. While there might be hotels and private rentals that ban smoking of both tobacco and cannabis, plenty of hosts cater exclusively to the needs and desires of guests who wish to indulge in this culture. Renting a cannabis-friendly apartment will allow you to sample local treats in a safe setting from the comfort of your very own holiday home.

«The Home for Hemp Friendly Apartments in Amsterdam»

Booking a cannabis apartment is an extremely convenient choice as you can simply stay close to lots of local attractions and cosy coffee shops. Sampling marijuana products on your own in a comfortable apartment can be just as much fun as sharing a large apartment or house with your friends and bringing in some fun during your hen or stag party. You don’t have to worry about breaking any rules, getting into trouble or compromising your safety. If you want to smoke cannabis during your stay instead than book a hotel you can rent our cannabis friendly apartments in Amsterdam

Renting a cannabis apartment is almost paramount if you plan on attending the High Times Cannabis Cup. The annual cannabis fest caters to the interests of producers as much as to the whims of consumers. Although the location where the event is held changes every year, it is announced on its official website, so you can easily book your accommodation near the event venue well in advance to avoid disappointment. Finding your flat easily after a coffee shop crawl will save you a headache.

Searching for a suitable cannabis apartment in Amsterdam haphazardly can be a lot of hassle. Our database of Amsterdam apartments, both self-serviced apartments and serviced hotel and B&B rooms, features exclusively vetted properties chosen for their supreme features, amenities, and location. Renting a holiday apartment is no more expensive than a hotel room and often when you stay with a large group of friends you are saving a lot of money.

All of our apartments have a range of modern amenities, from basic kitchen appliances and utensils to modern cons such as television, internet access, air-conditioning, and even game consoles. Choose the perfect pad for your business trip, leisure vacation, hen or stag weekend from among hundreds of excellent holiday apartments ranging from budget to mid-range and luxury properties.

You can relax in the comfort of your very own modern apartment and easily explore the city at leisure. When you decide to try out local cannabis products at your own place you can rest assured that you are not breaking any laws and you can feel safe. So, simply enjoy your Amsterdam experience.

We have also tobacco smoker friendly apartments.

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