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Free Bicycles – The Most Amsterdammy Amsterdam Accommodation Offer Ever!

We are always searching for innovative ways to improve our guest experience and we are particularly excited about helping them to cycle in Amsterdam, we hope it will have a huge impact on your enjoyment of wonderful, bicycle-happy city.

The best possible way to discover Amsterdam is by bicycle – nowhere else on Earth has embraced the bicycle like Amsterdam, practically everyone here has at least one.

All of us here at Amsterdam Stay are just nuts about cycling, we love it, and we simply could not provide our famously responsive service if we had to get around Amsterdam by car – [read our article “Why We are Cycle Crazy”].  That is why we have always encouraged our guests to rent a bicycle as soon as they can.

As such we are thrilled to announce a completely unique offer to our guests: we were already the only Amsterdam accommodation site to have arranged a tie-in with several of Amsterdam’s best bicycle rental companies: you can order bicycles as part of your accommodation booking process and you can collect them anytime during your stay and from any branch.

Now, we have arranged something even better!  A free bicycle for one day for each guest who books an apartment.

How it works

1 Day Free Bike for each guest

If you book a five-day bike rental, AmsterdamStay offers you the chance to receive one day free for each person. We will send the voucher code after you book an apartment with us.

This fantastic offer is built right into your accommodation booking process and the free day will be applied automatically.  All the bikes you order can be collected from Orange Bike or DamStraat Bike hire.

Now you can get your own apartment accommodation in Amsterdam with a bike. It’s now possible to cycle the city during your vacation or business trip.

AmsterdamStay makes it happen.

For more info send an email.

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