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Why We are Bicycle Crazy

You might think that, here at Amsterdam Stay, the Internet is our most important tool but, actually, we think it is our bicycles!

We offer properties all over Amsterdam and our advantage is that, unlike the major booking sites who are based over five and a half thousand miles away in California, we are based right here in Amsterdam and are famous for being there for you, quickly, on the rare occasions when things go wrong.

That could be a problem as simple as arriving at your apartment late at night and discovering that there are not enough towels.  Using our unique online Live Concierge, you can let us know and, in that situation, the quickest way for us to fix the problem would be to hop on a bike and cycle across town with a big bag of clean, fluffy towels.

It sounds crazy but, because of the unique geography of Amsterdam, the bicycle is the quickest way for us to get anywhere – [Read our article “Amsterdam: Bicycle City”] – and that has been our secret weapon since 2001.  Try getting Airbnb to arrive in person when you have a problem – in fact, just try finding some way to contact a real person at Airbnb when you have a problem (Pro Tip – to get their attention, pretend to be a Venture Capitalist)

There is also an environmental aspect.  As individuals, all of us on the Amsterdam Stay team are deeply committed to running an environmentally aware business.  On the rare occasions where we absolutely must use a car, we participate in Amsterdam’s Green Wheels community car-sharing project.  For everything else, however, we use bicycles, and that is why we are all so fit and attractive.

Nothing makes us happier than to share our love of cycling with our guests and, now, we are actually giving free access to bicycles to all our guests – [read about our unique free bicycle offer]

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